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O bag Mini Matelasse Burnt Red

O bag Mini Matelasse Burnt Red

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This product consists of:

  • Body O bag matelasse burnt red
  • Inner zip bag canvas black
  • Short tubular eco-leather handles black

Complete bag with body, zipped inner bag in canvas and short tubular eco-leather handles black

The body is made of Thermoplastic Compound, a durable, flexible, waterproof expanded plastic material, easy to clean and maintain. To avoid changes in shape and color, do not leave the body exposed to the sun and/or high temperatures. To clean the body, use a neutral cleanser and a wet towel.


Bag: Thermoplastic compound
Inner Bag Fabric: 100% Cotton
Handles: Eco-leather (85% polyurethane, 10% polyester, 5% viscose)


Bag Body Dimension: Height 29 cm, Width 31 cm, Depth 12 cm
Short Tubular Eco-leather Handles Dimension: 46 cm length

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