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Cube Lamp

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Amongst our collection of cube lamps, the CUBE stands out with its rounded lines and perfectly elegant design. This outdoor CUBE LED invites you to immerse yourself in a world of colors by taking control of all your lights. Change the look of your Smart and Green products and create the scenescape that suits you best by using our integrated Bluetooth MESH technology! Switch from a natural-style décor to vibrant colors, adjust brightness as you wish and enable the candle-effect feature for a more relaxing atmosphere.

This outdoor LED cube is available in three sizes so that it matches your needs and uses perfectly. If you just fancy a little dash of light, then go for the CUBE’s small model, the DICE S. If, on the other hand, you prefer to really impress, then choose the BIG CUBE which will reign supreme in your garden.

To start using your outdoor LED cube lamp, you’ll need to download our SmartMesh app available for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. Once installed, the world of lights is at your fingertips thanks to the magic of Bluetooth MESH. Check out our online user guide to pair and un-pair your devices and lamps correctly. 

Dimensions 35 x 35 x 35 cm (CUBE)
14 x 16 cm (DICE S)
43 x 43 x 43 cm (BIG CUBE)

LED 20 white LEDs and 15 coloured LEDs (CUBE - BIG CUBE)

1 white LED and 4 coloured LEDs (DICE S)
Lifetime per LED 40 000 hours
Maximum brightness 120 Lumens (CUBE & BIG CUBE)

90 Lumens (DICE S)
Battery life 6 to 8 hours
Recharging time 6 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes 13 (CUBE & BIG CUBE)

12 (DICE S)
Power supply Li-Ion battery
Battery 3,7V 2200 mAh (CUBE & BIG CUBE)

3,7V 850 mAh (DICE S)
Power consumption 1,2 Watt (CUBE & BIG CUBE)

0,5 Watt (DICE S)
Input 110-220VAC 50–60Hz (CUBE & BIG CUBE)

110-240VAC 50–60Hz (DICE S)

Standards CE - IC - FCC - RoHS - IP 68
Provided Charging station
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